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Friday, May 31, 2013

I Do, the Newport Way

I Do, the Newport Way
6 x 8

How better to gift the bride and groom than a painted portrait from their most special day!
If this looks like something you might want to pursue, just contact me here.

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Work in Progress

Study of Girl with Red Hair in WWII Helmet

approx 20 x 20
in progress

For a couple of years I have been trying to paint this, made more difficult because the photo reference is too good not to try to copy. Had to give it one more shot, as this model is changing rapidly. I will continue to modify some of the skin tones and edges. I thought it might be interesting for you to see how the artist struggles with proportion, color, composition. This is the third comprehensive adjustment with this painting. The self-portrait was easier because I didn't care how it turned out. I want to sustain the fresh approach of alla prima painting. Another interesting contributor to the angst of completing this painting is that this girl's great great aunt Alice Kurtz was painted by Thomas Eakins, painting in the Fogg Museum collection. The family resemblance is striking. Constructive comments are most welcome.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Entry for the Oklahoma Tornado Fundraiser Make a Bid via the Widget

Make a Bid via the Widget - Please join the auction sponsored by Daily PaintWorks. Click on the Widget to bid on a painting.

Here's my entry - a view from Brenton Point State Park, Newport, Rhode Island

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Red Head Stage 1

Red Head
Drawing on underpainting, oil pencil on primed canvas.

The position of the legs and the fact that I am using a photo as reference add to the difficulty of this long overdue portrait of Piper. Wearing Uncle Chad's WWII infantry helmet, a favorite dress-up item in the family collection in the Playhouse at a summer home in Maine, Piper posed for this picture three or four years ago. She is about to turn fourteen and is quickly losing the little girl look. The green of the helmet suits her ginger coloring so well, so I wanted to give the harmony of that combination a try quickly before it's too late. Next I will show you the painting, but not until I spend another afternoon working out some drawing issues.
To be continued...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maybe Saul

Maybe Saul
5 x 7
I have decided to focus on portraits for a while and prepared a new palette to try out: cadmium green light and alizarin crimson.  I hoped I could use this on a red-head's portrait, but was tearing my hair out over the too cool results! Suddenly, a man appeared at my studio who stopped by to admire the "poetry in my paintings." A sucker for the complement, I chatted with Saul for quite a while. Later, with the memory of my new friend's image fresh in my mind, I started a tiny portrait to test my visual memory as well as my new frustrating palette. Here is the result after only 20-30 minutes. If you see this, Saul, it's yours for the taking. Meanwhile, I add this quick study to my blog, just for the record of having done it.  I'm all ears for your reaction to the red-green portrait - good, bad or otherwise.

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Monday, May 20, 2013


New Banner with Old "Open" Flag, complements of Nancy Isherwood (visit her new gallery on Bowen's Wharf in Newport)
Second Banner (both are 24" x 48") beside my north-facing window.The image is of "Looking South," an oil painting which is hanging inside the studio.
Looking like another painting on the upper window is a reflection of the tree opposite beginning to leaf.

John, my handy husband, hung the two banners, just as he has always done for me with the moon and the stars. The banner is straight, building a bit crooked.

New Studio Banners

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cape Cod Saltmarsh SOLD

oil, 12 x 16"

Sold at a new little gallery and gift shop in Barnstable called Mosees. This makes my weekend!
If only I could go back there and recreate the day and scene from the summer of 2010. It was July and  hot, and that water was irresistable. The marsh is in Brewster, where a tidal creek flows in and out of 
Cape Cod Bay. I was tempted to paint in the little sloop that we caught waking up just in time to skedaddle before the tide ran out, but they escaped being left high and dry! I stuck around long enough to capture the remaining higher water level. Such a happy memory of a wonderful place on a great day!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On a Limb

On a Limb
 a one hour study during Kelley MacDonald's painting drills class - I have to keep telling myself, well I did look like this for a brief time yesterday. And it may even resemble me in a cartooney way. Good fun! Good workout! Oh - you want one of someone you know? I would love to do that - contact me here

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Four O'clock (Yellow)


I like to revisit past blog entries, especially when it is to say, "Good-bye! Enjoy your new home with a lovely woman in Duxbury!"
I see a wonderful reciprocal energy in my new surroundings in Tiverton! This weekend a Nestival is celebrating Mothers' Day. People are encouraged to give a dollar to choose a colorful plastic egg from a "nest." The dollar goes to the Food Pantry. Inside the egg is a coupon for 15% off a product or service of a local business. I am happy to play on this team, for it is really working! The woman who bought the painting had received a 15% off coupon toward one of my paintings in her egg she picked up downstairs at the Perfectly Twisted Yarn. Don't you think she made a good choice! What's not to love about how the Nestival works!


Sunday, May 5, 2013


Beets and Beds
 8 x 24"

Radar blip #2, coming home to rest tomorrow, thanks to my pal Anne Cordin! One of a large pool of talented artists of Rhode Island I have the honor of knowing! We have kind of grown up together on the art scene here and share a lot of friends and experience on our respective paths to Artdome. You can check out Anne's blog here.

And here's a link to purchase Beets before she gets put down for a nap. Wouldn't this look great on somebody's kitchen wall!

or contact me here to make other purchase arrangements.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Corn Wall
8 x 24"

Popped right up on my radar. I must fetch it from a regional show at the Mystic Art Center -- um, how to do this now that my weekend afternoons are to be minding my Studio/Gallery. Meanwhile, Corn Wall will be doing a slow dance with its soul mate Beets and Beds. I'll show you that one next time. Both paintings are available for $750 each. Just click on the Pay Now button below and chose Pay Pal or your credit card payable to Pay Pal, or contact me here to arrange another way to pay.

Title of Painting