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Monday, May 27, 2013

A Work in Progress

Study of Girl with Red Hair in WWII Helmet

approx 20 x 20
in progress

For a couple of years I have been trying to paint this, made more difficult because the photo reference is too good not to try to copy. Had to give it one more shot, as this model is changing rapidly. I will continue to modify some of the skin tones and edges. I thought it might be interesting for you to see how the artist struggles with proportion, color, composition. This is the third comprehensive adjustment with this painting. The self-portrait was easier because I didn't care how it turned out. I want to sustain the fresh approach of alla prima painting. Another interesting contributor to the angst of completing this painting is that this girl's great great aunt Alice Kurtz was painted by Thomas Eakins, painting in the Fogg Museum collection. The family resemblance is striking. Constructive comments are most welcome.


  1. Turn that photo upside down!
    Nice job, however!

    1. Good advice - needed that nudge! Thanks, Kelley!


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