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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maybe Saul

Maybe Saul
5 x 7
I have decided to focus on portraits for a while and prepared a new palette to try out: cadmium green light and alizarin crimson.  I hoped I could use this on a red-head's portrait, but was tearing my hair out over the too cool results! Suddenly, a man appeared at my studio who stopped by to admire the "poetry in my paintings." A sucker for the complement, I chatted with Saul for quite a while. Later, with the memory of my new friend's image fresh in my mind, I started a tiny portrait to test my visual memory as well as my new frustrating palette. Here is the result after only 20-30 minutes. If you see this, Saul, it's yours for the taking. Meanwhile, I add this quick study to my blog, just for the record of having done it.  I'm all ears for your reaction to the red-green portrait - good, bad or otherwise.

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