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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Walk the Line


What it feels like to be THIS SHOE: 

high fashion 

just some words describing this amazing bit of personal adornment 
borrowed from and painted in the garden of my late friend  
whose spirit hangs out in my studio calling upon me from time to time

I hear you say,  "Think you have your lost your mind!"
After such a long break from you, My Dear Readers, do I have your attention?

OK OK! I know it is not perfectly executed. 'S watercolor and the ink ran over the intended line here and there. Painted freely from observation - silk brocade! No preliminary drawing. No plan.
If you think I would part with this, better think again. 
Anyway. I'm back. Do stick around. I'm going to do a back flip the day after tomorrow. 
Watch what's up with Gilpatric Studio in Tiverton Four Corners, Rhode Island?

drawing ink on mylar
5"x 7"
the $un the moon and the $tar$

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