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Monday, August 18, 2014

Farewell Dear Old Painting

Grey Dawn at Cuttyhunk
8 x 10 oil
created 9/15/2001

With mixed feelings yesterday I bade farewell as one of my favorite paintings took flight and is on its way to live with a beautiful young family in Middlebury, Vermont. A big smile masking my tearing eyes shooting this departing photo, the entire scenario of painting the work fast-forwards across my memory screen. 

Just a few days following 9/11/2001, a group of 8 artists from Boulevard Gallery in Newport venture through rough seas rocking and rolling on the Alert out of Fairhaven to spend a long weekend in the Walker's cottage on Cuttyhunk. The first morning we awake to Becky Vickers banging out the coffee pot as the rest of us girls and boys still pajama clad drag our easels onto the fenceless porch. "Capture that!" commands our inner voices. Still speechless following the horrors of thousands of Americans just a few days before, I take out my new palette of only 3 colors plus white. Grey Dawn paints itself onto my little panel. 

Twelve years later I found the frame clamoring to protect this treasure and added it to my studio display, restoring Hope each time I look upon it. The fate of my treasure was sealed the last moments of yesterday's tour. Though I shed a few tears remembering the traumatic time, I wish the painting well on its happy way!


  1. I can truly understand how your heart must be lamenting over your Cuttyhunk painting. I spent a few summer's (2000-2004) out on Cuttyhunk, living on a boat and plein-air painting .... it's a treasured and magical spot!!

  2. And so now I understand the significance of your trip. This is lovely. It inspires me for my next trip out there and reminds me of a time that shook our world.

  3. Oh my what a story and how hard to let go of this beauty. Our world changed that day but you created peace and beauty.


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