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Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Couple and a Correction

A New Couple For Artists for Save The Bay Exhibit through January 24

Late Day September oil · 4x12 · $250.00

Cottage with Marsh · 4x12 · $250.00

And a correction on yesterday's post: Summer Shadows is NOT $450.00! I looked again today and it is $350.00. I will adjust that on the PayPal button in case you were hoping for a lower price on that one. If you ordered and missed the adjusted price, I will refund you the difference, so I please email me with the information I will need to do so. As soon as I get your payment, I will send out the refund. 

Prefer paying by check, please contact me at libbygilpatric@gmail.com to exchange postage information.

And now its time for me to do some holiday shopping/creating or nobody will get a thing from me.

Sending you all my thanks for your interest and support and best wishes for a 
Happy Holiday and Prosperity and Good Health in 2014!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Do-over of Think Summer

Summer Shadows
oil · 12 x 12 · $350*

Back in action! I am still having a little trouble posting from the cell phone, so I'll retell the story: Raspberry picking on a hot day, my eyes came to rest on this little field which seemed to go forever. I loved the deep cool shadows enough to drop everything and get out the paints. So much for the berries – I'd eaten them nearly all anyway. 

I see this painting each day as I put out my OPEN flag. I thought you might enjoy a reminder of warmer days to come. So if you have an empty spot on a rich blue, yellow or green wall and think you might like to own it, let's talk! You can reach me at libbygilpatric@gmail.com or grab it fast through PayPal by clicking
*If you wish to purchase this painting through PayPal, the price listed there is $450. I will return $100 to amend the quoted price and the shipping is on me.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Open Studio today in Tiverton Four Corners

Please visit our studios at the Historic Arts District Tiverton Four Corners. 
My studio is above the Perfectly Twisted Yarn, next door to the Provender.
Kitty's is across the intersection at the Mill Pond Shops.
Come join us for gift shopping and some good cheer!

Libby Gilpatric
3879 Main Road - Second Floor
Tiverton RI 02878

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Invitation to

Come meet the artists...

We would love to see you!

and please plan on visiting the Open Studios this weekend when you go to Tiverton Four Corners. 

Thanks for looking at my art blog. Please enroll with your email address to get it automatically (box provided). And please won't you pass this along to a couple of friends? Thanks again!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Warm wave of talent and generosity comes my way . . .




gicleed and hand painted to simulate my oil brush marks
two copies for the subject and his brother. Granny gets to keep the original for now.

ANYHOW, Huge special thanks go to ____(drum roll)____

photographer extraordinaire

Watch Heather soar to meteoric fame as demand for her superior giclee and printing talents spreads!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lucky night at Artists for Save The Bay!



These two paintings stood out from the rest because of the rich color schemes and thick application of paint. Watching the attentive gathering in front of my four little entries thrilled me beyond belief! How good to see someone as excited to purchase a painting as I had felt while putting it on the panel!
I saw so many great little gems of oil paintings there -- all for the taking between now and January 23rd. Go! Pick up some great paintings and help Save the Bay and some Artists too!

No better cause -- it's what we came here for!

Monday, December 2, 2013


My latest entry to Artists for Save The Bay

oil on panel, 6 x 8 

This has been such a busy time with no break in sight! I would love to see you at the opening reception – a benefit for Save The Bay. The $30.00 admission enables a portion of the proceeds to go to the artists -- yay! We certainly like that approach for fund-raising using the artists' talents and generosity. Please consider attending this popular party for a worthy cause.
You may find a good gift for yourself or another.