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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dead Center and Bottom Center

Dead Center and Bottom Center - #5 and #8 of this rejuvenated multi-canvas composition.
Oh, you thought it was a football team lineup in honor of the Big Game coming up next Sunday. Well, maybe so, if blue and green are the colors of the teams playing - my favorite color combination. If you love it too, then take a look at these. Nine six-inch squares fit together like a puzzle into a big square. Separately each stands alone as a floral element. You can turn the pieces any which way and have a couple of the prettiest tulip and iris arrangements. You don't even have to hang them on the wall. They have thick sides and will stand alone on a table or shelf. These two happen
 to fit together because of the vase. The rest - anything goes. I'll be posting more of them. Collect just one if you want. Or a few to make a colorful grouping.
On Day 21 of the Thirty in Thirty Challenge, these are my 16th and 17th posts.
6 x 6"
$100 plus shipping or buy two for $175.

Please choose one or both:

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