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Thursday, January 31, 2013

#25 Nine Times Six by Six

Post #25 - As promised:
Nine Times Six by Six
nine 6 x 6 canvases wired separately but displayed as an installation of one composition
 $900 for all nine or sold individually at $100 each. Free shipping.

Here is the original composition of the floral still life. The idea ame to me when I first saw the wrapped up nine small canvases on display in the art shop. I just had to try out my idea. I decided to try to rework the individual canvases as if there were no overall composition. Now I have not tried to stack them up like they are here to reshoot the reworked paintings, but I thought you might enjoy seeing from whence they came. The biggest change is in the color of the pitcher. I altered the color to better match the colors of the flowers. I can tell you this: I enjoyed painting the works even more the second time around! Perhaps you'll go back and look at the individual blogs where these are posted, about # 15 to # 24. I'd love to hear your comments. Please send any comments on this blog by clicking here.

I hope to have one more post for you before beginning a long overdue road trip visiting some friends and relations and getting warmed up after a weekend in Vermont. I'll post some sketches from my travels.


  1. This looks spectacular all together. Wow, really wonderful and each piece strongly stands alone. A knockout!

  2. This is simply splendid!! Love it!!


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