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Monday, January 28, 2013

#24 Bow

#24 Bow
6 x 6"

This is the final painting of the little series of nine canvases which together make a complete composition. After showing this painting of unframed canvases, a little wear and tear on the edges demanded repair. I have completely redone these, changing color or emphasizing shape differently than with the originals. I'm pleased with the upgrade. This one, Bow, is reserved for a friend who commented on how she loved the way it appeared to be bowing.

Tomorrow I will show the entire group as they look together. Then we will be on to the last 5 paintings. Never did quite get caught up, but I sure have enjoyed trying to! I have a long way to go in building up my group of followers. Those of you have joined during this challenge have spurred me on to keep at it.

Here's to a great rainy day tomorrow!


  1. I will look forward to seeing them all together - this is a little jewel.

  2. Love the interplay of colors and forms and then a flower! You have a very lucky friend. She has chosen a gorgeous painting. Be ready for me to take your photo Friday night for the SCA FB page.

  3. I am enjoying your new insights and the work you have done to these paintings Libby! Keep going, what a challenge!


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