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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Slack Tide

 Slack Tide oil on panel, 12x16, black float-framed, $550 plus $25. insured 2-day shipping 

Brooding late afternoon sky reflects on calm waters - an inlet at high tide, just before it turns, calms and soothes the viewer with balance. I catch my husband stealing glances serenely walking past the easel. Maybe you have your eye out for a special Valentine? Act fast and make the purchase before 9:00PM Thursday, February 7, and we'll ship it in time for delivery by the 14th (within the continental US). We ship to all US States, but can't guarantee delivery to Alaska or Hawaii so quickly.
Make haste! The offer closes at 9:00PM EST, Thursday, February 7.
Please be sure to include your email address and your USPS mailing address to: libbygilpatric@yahoo.com and the payment to PayPal. Click just once on the yellow Buy-Now button below. You will be directed automatically to the PayPal page to record your payment information. It's not necessary to have a PayPal account. They will accept most credit cards, or open an account for you within a few minutes.

Happy Valentines Day!

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