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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Black and White How Do You Like Yours?

 Sunny Side Up

 Over Easy


Plain Salt & Pepper

This painting is from Day 1 of a two-day workshop on painting the abstract still life. The instructor had us draw thumbnail sketches from many viewpoints of an enormous (large closet size)and elaborate still life setup. Antiques, metal, fabric plain and fancy, balls of every size, color and purpose, plastic storage containers, all shapes,sizes and colors. We could photograph, use any way possible to look carefully and draw some kind of an arrangement. We then selected one of our sketches to paint (I used acrylic) using white and black mixed from dark colors on the palette. The challenge was to paint without a specific focal point - like writing in a stream of conciousness or an interior monolog. It makes no sense to anyone else. I turned the image of my painting four ways to show you what abstraction can mean. What do you think you see here?  A landscape, an interior, or possibly a figure here or there. This painting will become part of my personal collection of classwork, unless you let me know if you can't live without it!.  

I'm so happy to be back posting new work to show you after scrambling to build some new work for the upcoming open studio tour. I hope to see you at my space at the Dartmouth Grange this weekend for the South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour. For a handy map and guide to participating artists, here's a link.

And now to get busy on rebuilding my website - down since Mr. Macintosh did away with MobileMe. Many images of my work are visible if you just Google Libby Manchester Gilpatric/images.

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  1. Fascinating,sounds like something to get the creative juices flowing! Love them, I mean it!


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