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Friday, February 8, 2013


for whatever NEMO brings our way...

I opted to forego the
Road Trip South for the Mystery (or Misery?) of Winter in Rhode Island
as lights flicker and the wind howls like a banshee heard roaring down through the tunnel of our chimney as the embers of the evening fire dim red hot then ashes. 

What will tomorrow bring? We hope Electricity as I write now by battery and will thus say, Good Night to Power and Hello to Darkness at 8:45 PM.

False Alarm. Smoke Alarm. Shattered Quiet of the Night.
Call it Quits for Today.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Collage - a few days late

Collage by PicMonkey

Still looking for how to add the last five images, I chose the largest template for only 25 images. I think you get the idea!
So many new things to learn and add to my bag of tricks. Thank you again, Leslie Saeta!
And thank you again, Dear Reader, for viewing, Liking on Facebook, and purchasing one for your own collection! 
Please keep checking my blog for new entries, though I may miss a few for an upcoming road trip. I'm not sure whether I will have a daily entry ready to post, so it may just be a photo of where I am at the moment, gathering information for future paintings.

This year is already proving to be filled with adventure!

Friday, February 1, 2013

#26 That was Then...

That was Then...

$900 for all nine, That was Then...,  or $100 per single canvas shipped

Email me here 

Nine or less

This is the last day of the Challenge. Shy just four paintings, I have more to post another time. Thank you so much for looking at my work, and a special thanks to Leslie Saeta for bringing me on board for her Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge! I've had a great time while learning a lot about daily painting blogs. Four of my little works are hanging on my new collectors' walls. Great way to start off the New Year!  Cheers!