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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Spring in His Step, oil

Spring in His Step

6" x 8"

Here is the last of the small paintings I have exhibited at the Providence Art Club, available until the Friday after Christmas.
Stop by there and have a closer look. If you can't get to the club and want the painting for your collection, just contact me through Facebook or email. Love to help you make that happen!

Happy Holidays to all!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Sail, oil painting

First Sail
6" x 8"

This is one of my entries in the Providence Art Club Small Pictures Exhibit. Some people don't realize the Providence Art Club is open to the public. There are three beautiful galleries filled with six small paintings from each exhibiting artist. None of them is more than $250. Hurry and see these works these last few days of the show which ends on December 23 - that's tomorrow!
 The Providence Art Club is at 11 Thomas Street, between Benefit and North Main. You may enter any of three doors. My work is in the door on the left, the Dodge House Gallery, just behind the sales counter. You would enjoy seeing this historic building and this array of affordable art you may want to own.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fish Man II, oil, 5" x 7"

Fish Man II
5" x 7"

This is my third entry in the Providence Little Picture Show, 2012, where you can find good works for under $250. I loved this man's body language at the end of a long, satisfying day of fishing, colorful nets wound around the enormous spool. Do you think he looks eager to leave the boat?  I added him to my roster of important men's work studies. This little gem might make a great gift to a very special person!

If you like it and want it or any other of my works, it can be yours by contacting or purchasing it through the Providence Art Club, 11 Thomas Street, Providence, RI, or see the contact information on the new website: http://providenceartclub.org/  All small works are under $250. This one is priced at only $175. 

Hope you are enjoying this cozy time of year. I surely will be at my new studio space in a very old building  in Historic Tiverton Four Corners. More on this on my next post...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Clean Work

Clean Work
oil, 6" x 8"
entry in Providence Art Club Small Pictures Holiday Show

Many great little painting treasures to choose from at the Providence Art Club, 11 Thomas Street, Providence, RI. Here's the 2nd in my mini-series of men at work (or play). Sometimes work is as fun as play - should be anyway! You can view this on the walls of the Dodge House Gallery or let me know you want it. All work at Providence Art Club's Holiday Show is under $250! An unbelievable deal for original paintings!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Landscape with Two Gentlemen

Landscape with Two Gentlemen
1 of 6 entries to the Providence Art Club Holiday Little Picture Show
Opening Reception Sunday, November 18 1-4

There are six entries in this little series I am calling Men at Work. I hope you enjoy looking at them and will come to see all of the works beginning next Sunday at the Providence Art Club. Each of my work could be added to your collection for only $200.00. If you are interested in purchasing this but can't get to the Art Club please email me and I will be happy to arrange the transaction with the art club.
And please remember that Original Made-in-Rhode-Island art work is a three-fold gift: to the recipient, to the artist, and to the giver.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Gilbert  10 x 8 

This study represents my class work for last week's portrait class with Kathy Weber at the Portsmouth Artists' Guild. I completed the piece in only about two hours. Some drawing issues remain regarding the model's neck and left shoulder. After each 20 minute sitting, the model has a break. Each time he returns to the pose, there are natural changes which occur after one has assumed a pose for a while. The artist must resolve these changes in order to make the portait convincing. It's a great workout, but shows also the limitations of a three-hour painting session to capture a likeness. With more practice, I will learn to resolve some of these drawing issues earlier in the process.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Breaking over the Ledges

Breaking over the Ledges, oil, 9" x 12"

Nearly a month since my last post! Following the South Coast Artists Tour August 18-19 we enjoyed a ten-day family vacation in Maine. I came back to transition-into-fall mode. Beginning a fascinating class researching, drawing, writing about and recording sights and sounds of nature and the landscape taught by Amy Wynne-Derry the Rhode Island School of Design, I am now caught up wrapping my mind around a new kind of art class assignment. I expect to soon have some studies to show you. Meanwhile, I finished this painting for a dear niece who has spent more time than I in the waves with her cooking, camping and kayak adventures on Santa Cruz Island in California and more than a decade waiting for a promised painting from her auntie. Promising one to each of my fourteen nieces and nephews, only eleven to go! Meanwhile, I promised myself to post here more often with small works available for collecting. I've amassed oodles of images of darling children and spectacular landscapes and seascapes - enough to keep me going for months!  Might you be looking for one like this for your own collection? Love to know!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fogland from Across the Sakonnet, oil, 12 x 16

Immerse yourself in the Earth as Art.

See the EARTH as ART Exhibition at BAYCOAST BANK
787 Main Road Westport, MA 

This is my entry and may be viewed or purchased here July and August

BAYCOAST BANK is a Benefactor of the 
South Coast Artist Open Studio Tour 2012  
July 21 & 22
August 18 & 19*

Please visit my booth August 18 & 19 at the Dartmouth Grange, #45 on the Tour Map, available at all tour locations found at the Blue and White Signs and many local public establishments throughout the South Coast Massachusetts and Rhode Island Region

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Black and White How Do You Like Yours?

 Sunny Side Up

 Over Easy


Plain Salt & Pepper

This painting is from Day 1 of a two-day workshop on painting the abstract still life. The instructor had us draw thumbnail sketches from many viewpoints of an enormous (large closet size)and elaborate still life setup. Antiques, metal, fabric plain and fancy, balls of every size, color and purpose, plastic storage containers, all shapes,sizes and colors. We could photograph, use any way possible to look carefully and draw some kind of an arrangement. We then selected one of our sketches to paint (I used acrylic) using white and black mixed from dark colors on the palette. The challenge was to paint without a specific focal point - like writing in a stream of conciousness or an interior monolog. It makes no sense to anyone else. I turned the image of my painting four ways to show you what abstraction can mean. What do you think you see here?  A landscape, an interior, or possibly a figure here or there. This painting will become part of my personal collection of classwork, unless you let me know if you can't live without it!.  

I'm so happy to be back posting new work to show you after scrambling to build some new work for the upcoming open studio tour. I hope to see you at my space at the Dartmouth Grange this weekend for the South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour. For a handy map and guide to participating artists, here's a link.

And now to get busy on rebuilding my website - down since Mr. Macintosh did away with MobileMe. Many images of my work are visible if you just Google Libby Manchester Gilpatric/images.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winter Sunset, oil, 30 x 36

Winter Sunset

exhibit at
The Providence Art Club
Dodge House Gallery
11 Thomas Street 
Providence, RI

Comments and reviews very positive!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Black Port On Entry

Here's a little painting of a common New England coastal item which one day just might save your life!
Black Port On Entry, oil on linen, 6" x 6", $100. plus $10. to ship

BLACK PORT ON ENTRY? What the heck does that mean? a ticket? a fine old fortified wine? a receipt for a show fee? Around these New England waters or any US coastal areas, a common sight is a rusting green can called a buoy. It appears to be floating, but actually it's chained to exceedingly heavy weights. It must never move or drift. Sometimes it's called "black" to distinguish from the red ones with pointy shapes called 'nuns'. And from a distance, 'cans' usually look black. If you don't know better, you might just ignore them. Until you run aground on the rocks or seem totally lost in fog! Grab those binoculars! Try desperately to decipher that number while you are bobbing up and down one way and the can is bobbing up and down another! Does the number match the one on your chart, your road map for the sea lanes? Cans have odd numbers, nuns even. They are anchored in line, according to their numerical order, but seldom is the line straight. The line can curve or go around a sharp bend. You have to follow the numerical order exactly - counting by two's in odd numbers! Skip one or take a short cut and land right onto a submerged rock. Following  the course exactly leads you to your harbor by way of this channel. "Black port on entry!" is a rule of the road at sea. It means: entering a harbor or channel you keep those cans to port or on your left, looking forward. 

This little painting is a foggy tribute to one of those cans, and to the guys who maintain them. All boaters come to know and appreciate the enormous measures of safety the US Coast Guard goes to on behalf of our safety, shown by this tiny little floating green can.

Did you like this nautical lesson? You could have the remembrance of a foggy adventure right on your own shelf! Buying this will earn you 50% off on RED RIGHT RETURNING!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Maple Tree, Early Leaves, 8 x 10" oil study on birch panel, $200

Watching the rapid arrival of spring makes me want to paint those fresh little leaves, time to get out and paint!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Judges and The Jury, a New Exhibit

Shipyard Shapes  oil, 16" x 20"
by Libby Manchester Gilpatric

Six Artists Exhibiting as
The Judges and The Jury

Libby Gilpatric
Robin Grace
Trish Hurley
Robert Krause
Tom Martino
Brian Stern

Exhibition: May 5 - October 27, 2012

Opening Reception: Saturday, May 5 ·  2–5 PM

Location: McGrath Judicial Complex, 4800 Tower Hill Road
(Behind the Registry 'DMV' Building just off Route 1)
Wakefield, RI
Hours: Open 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday

For Directions: www.courts.state.ri.us/directions.htm


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beach Boy

Beach Boy 6" x6" oil on panel, NFS

I painted this little fella following the Karen Jurick method presented at Kelley MacDonald's studio workshop.  More detailed than my usual approach, and I like the finished product on such a small scale. Learning  a new approach  energizes my work!

This Beach Boy is going on a trip. If you would like to have him in your collection, just let me know. He might have a look-alike hiding on a shelf.

For tips on marketing your art, listen to Artists Helping Artists, live Thursdays at 12:30 or anytime recorded.

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